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In November 2022, David Pflugi came to Qatar to create his spectacular new Victory Works for the 2022 world cup. He did this, working from a pop-up studio in Mina District, Doha. The Victory Works he created there were presented to the Argentinian and French teams for signing immediately before and after the world cup final. For the first time ever, one sculpture has also been created in honour of the winner of the match for third place, namely Croatia.

These works, along with other selected Victory Works from past world cups, are currently being exhibited at the 3-2-1 Qatar Olympic and Sports Museum in Doha. The exhibition continues until April 1st 2023 - don't miss it!

Until April 1st 2023: Exhibition at QOSM

The new Victory Works which were completed in Doha in December 2022 are on exhibition, along with selected Victory Works in honour of the football world cups of 1998, 2002, 2010, and 2018 – at the 3-2-1 Qatar Olympic and Sports Museum in Doha.

The exhibition will continue until April 1st 2023.

Dec 18th + 19th 2022: Signing by Argentinian players

Dec 16th 2022: Signing by French players

Dec 12th 2022: Unveiling of "The Urge to Win"

On December 12th 2022, David Pflugi's scupture "The Urge to Win" in honour of the 2022 world cup final was unveiled in Doha's Mina District during an event for VIP guests organized by the Club Suisse Doha and the Swiss embassy. Speeches were held by the ambassador of Switzerland to Qatar Edgar Doerig, David Pflugi, and Walter Gagg, whose continued support and personal efforts have made the signing of David Pflugi's Victory Works by all world cup finalists since 1998 possible.

Within the next days, "The Urge to Win", along with other works by David Pflugi, is foreseen to be signed by the players of the two teams qualifying for the 2022 world cup final.

Nov 29th 2022: A month of progress

Nov 13th 2022: First impressions

The Urge to Win

The largest and main Victory Work dedicated to Qatar 2022 was sculpted in Switzerland, with that phase of its creation reaching completion in August 2022. Viewed from different sides, its outlines take on completely distinct shapes: Depending on the observer's point of view, it is a traditional Qatari dhow, a flame, the stylized blossom of a desert rose, a football, the head of a falcon, and the world cup trophy. In the steps between these different aspects, they mix and merge, becoming abstract. Seen from the right point of view, they reveal themselves to be perfect.

This fascinating artistic technique, unique to the works of David Pflugi, is thereby put in service of presenting a series of motifs which has been carefully chosen to pay homage to both the culture and traditions of the Qatari nation, and the global fascination of football. This astonishing work sits on a base sporting a highly detailed, partially abstract relief, on which the players of the 2022 finalist teams are foreseen to place their signatures. Fully assembled, the work measures approximately 4.35 m in width, 3.15 m in height, and 1.35 m in depth. It bears the title The Urge to Win.

Although the sculpting of the object was completed in Switzerland, the final step of the object's creation is being carried out entirely on location in Qatar. It is being painted in the pop-up studio space in Mina District (Old Doha Port) during November and December 2022.